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  • Delivery to Japan: For delivery to Okinawa only, there will be an additional $1 charge for items under $100, and an additional $7 for items over $100.01.
  • USA delivery: IL IN GA Delivery to NY will be subject to sales tax.
  • All prices are inclusive of taxes and packing fees.
  • If the recipient has moved, has an unknown address, or is absent for a long period of time, we will charge the product fee again.


About delivery

  • We deliver to Japan or USA. (Not applicable to Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Canada)
  • Normally, it will be delivered in 7 to 10 days in order of receipt.(Excluding items with limited delivery periods)
  • Requests for the desired delivery date cannot be accepted.
  • During the mid-year gift/year-end/holiday season, when many applications are received, delivery may take several days.
Due to Golden Week, Obon, holiday seasons, crop conditions, import customs clearance, quarantine, shipping destinations, traffic, etc., there may be cases where the delivery order may be delayed, the same product may not be delivered at the same time, or it may not be delivered on the desired date.Also, some products cannot be delivered to certain areas.Please note.

      About returned goods

      • We pay close attention to quality, but if a problem occurs due to our responsibility, we will resend a replacement.Please contact us within 3 business days after the arrival of the product.After confirming the defects in the returned goods and images, we will exchange them.
       *We will only be able to confirm 2/XNUMX or more of the content.
       *Please note that we cannot accept returns due to personal preference.


        every promise

        • We do not accept product changes or cancellations after application.
        • Due to crop conditions, import customs clearance, quarantine, natural disasters, etc.If there is a difference in quality, we may change the production area, brand, content amount, or delivery temperature range, or we may be forced to refuse your application.
        • Specifications and prices of products may change or be discontinued.In addition, if the product is discontinued due to various circumstances after the application, we will respond with a substitute product.


          About recommended browsers

          • The latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox are recommended.
           * Internet Explorer is not optimized.