Shipping, shipping and returns


  • For Japan: The price includes all costs to each designated destination in Japan.
  • For US: Sales Tax will be charged in addition to the price for deliveries to IL, IN, GA, NY.


  • For products in the flower market, you can attach a simple message card (up to 30 characters).


  • Normally, products other than general merchandise market products will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days after receiving an order, except during busy seasons such as midyear gifts and year-end gifts. However, delivery may be delayed due to traffic conditions. For general merchandise market products, it will take about 3 weeks to deliver after receiving an order.
  • Since the shipping location differs depending on the product, the delivery date may differ even if the same order is placed.
  • For orders with a specified delivery date, please complete the application 10 business days before the specified date. However, we may not be able to specify the delivery date during the busy season. Also, please note that some products may not be available for specified delivery date.
  • Please note that we are not responsible for any postponement of the required delivery time of the product, deterioration of the product quality, or inability to deliver the product due to the delivery address being moved, unknown address, long absence, etc. * Please be sure to enter the telephone numbers of the requester and the delivery address on the application form.
  • Regarding delivery to remote islands such as Okinawa (other than the main island), Amami Oshima, Sado Island, etc., delivery may not be possible depending on the product, so please contact us in advance.


  • We pay close attention to the quality, but in the unlikely event that a problem occurs due to our responsibility, we will resend the replacement.
  • Please note that the quality of each product, such as size, color, and shape, may differ slightly depending on the weather and season.

About USA cherry, North American matsutake mushrooms and fruits sent directly from the production area for a limited time

  • Please note that depending on the pattern situation, the order may be closed before the deadline.
  • Please note that the scheduled delivery period may vary due to weather and other factors.
  • We will deliver the products in the order in which they are ordered, so please note that we may cancel your order if the yield is less than the number of your order.
  • Please note that we may cancel your order if the product cannot be shipped due to poor cropping due to abnormal weather.
  • Since the shipping time cannot be determined due to the pattern, weather, etc., we cannot accept the specified delivery date.
  • Please note that if delivery is not possible due to unknown address, moving, long absence, etc., your order will be considered canceled and no refund will be given.
  • Please note that gifts cannot be attached.
  • Please request cancellation of your order within 2 business days from the date of our order.