How to use the website

*We moved to a new system on September 2020, 9.Existing members will also need to set a new password.

1. Access to!

  • If you have already registered as a member, please log in from the top right of the screen.
  • If you are not registered as a member, please create an account.
*If you forget your password, click "Reset Password".

2. Select a category from the menu on the screen.


3. The product list will be displayed.Please choose your favorite product.


4. Product details will be displayed.

If you are satisfied with this item, click "Add to Cart" below the price.

XNUMX. The contents of the cart will be displayed.

Please click "Proceed to checkout".
* "Special notes to the store" is for contacting us.This is not a message to the recipient.

6. Enter your contact email and delivery address information

If you live in an apartment, don't forget the room number!After inputting, click "Proceed to selection of delivery address"


7. Enter credit card information and client information.

If you have a coupon code, enter it on this screen as well. Please confirm the amount after clicking "Apply".After completing the input, click "Confirm Order".


 8. Application completed!

A confirmation email will be delivered.