We also accept fax and mail.Click here to download the application form.

*We cannot accept reservations by phone.

Please check the order confirmation email sent after completing the application.

Please log in to your account and check your order history.

If the email is sorted as spam, it may be due to a typo in the email address or a problem with the provider.If you cannot confirm it in your order history, we have not been able to accept it, so please apply from the beginning.

very sorry.Not accepted.

Keep the temperature range indicated as CHILLED (refrigerated) and FROZEN (frozen) on the product detail screen,
Yamato Transport in Japan, FedEx and UPS in the USA.
(Items not listed are room temperature)

Yes, it will be sent to your registered email address.

Please check the delivery time on the product detail page and the current delivery status on the top page.
Delivery times for fresh food may change due to weather, crop conditions, etc.In addition, if you check the order history in your account and the tracking number is displayed, the shipping preparation is progressing.

After confirming the above, if you are still not ready to ship, please contact us.

very sorry.Not supported.

No receipt has been sent.Please contact us if you need it.Please check your credit card company's statement for the usage status of your credit card.