【US産】ローストビーフ・モモ [オニオンソース付、400gから]

[From the US] Roast beef thigh [with onion sauce, from 400g]

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★Moist and tender roast beef with the flavor of the thigh meat sealed in by vacuum cooking.Comes with an onion sauce that brings out the flavor of the roast beef, so it's easy to cook just by thawing and slicing for a full-fledged taste.You can enjoy the unique taste and aroma of freshly cut.Please use it as a luxurious instant Lunch/Dinner when you have a sudden visitor❣
★Origin: USA

★ Standards:

About 400g-500g (about 0.9-1.1lbs)

About 800g - 900g (about 1.8. - 2.2lbs) / about 400g - 500g x 2
Approximately 1.2kg to 1.5kg (approximately 2.7. to 3.3lbs)/approximately 400g to 500g x 3