Red snow crab whole seafood hot pot

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Assorted whole red snow crabs landed in Wakkanai, Hokkaido, the northernmost part of Japan.In addition, we added Alaska pollack and Japanese flying squid from Hokkaido, and packed 1 types of shrimp, crab, and burdock fish ball.The soy sauce-based sauce is made by adding salt and rice jiuqu to the sweet shrimp caught along the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan in Hokkaido, and aging it for about 3 days to make the squeezed fish soy sauce a secret ingredient.Please enjoy the deep richness and umami.
On cold days, add seasonal vegetables and use cooking scissors to make the red snow crab easy to eat and make cuts.At the end, add udon to the soy sauce sauce with seafood soup stock and let it boil.

● Boiled red snow crab (figure) 380g x 1 tail, Sukemune fish fillet 40g x 3 slices, Sumeika cut 100g, 3 shrimp balls, 3 crab fish balls, 3 torigobo fish balls, 250g udon noodles, hot pot Fish ball (with shrimp fish soy sauce) 1 ml x 50 bags