Orville Farm Large Grain Special Dark Cherry 2.0kg (for USA)


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Delivering GEE WHIZ brand dark cherries from Orville Farm
Founded in 1928 by Washington State cherry pioneer and leader Grady Orville, the Orville Farm's GEE WHIZ brand Rainier Cherry is second to none in its sugar content and grain size. Do not forgive.
· Application deadline: June 6nd.The deadline may be earlier.
· Expected delivery period: Early July to mid-July, delivery date cannot be specified.
· Messages, gifts, etc. cannot be attached.
Please note
1. Due to the nature of the product, we do not accept delivery dates because it is a harvested product.
2. Bing and Rainier may be delivered at different times.
3. Since the Lenia variety is very delicate, it may turn brown slightly upon arrival, but there is no problem with the quality.
4. In the case of transfer or resend due to incorrect delivery address, unknown address, long absence, moving, etc., the client may be responsible for the cost. 
5. If the delivery address is different for the same product, the delivery date may be different.
6. If you order different sizes and different products from the same destination, the delivery date may be different.
7. Please note that it may not be possible to ship due to weather, pattern, etc.
8. We will ship by FedEx Overnight.We will let you know when the shipping date is decided