Set of 6 bottles of Italian wine


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We offer a wide variety of 6 bottles of wine from typical regions.
You can enjoy various tastes at a reasonable price.
* The contents of the set may change depending on the season.
*The design and vintage of bottles and labels may change depending on the time of import.

《Ors Nero Davoa》 ● Red wine / Slightly light ● IGT ● 750ml ● Less than 12.5 degrees ● Grape variety: Nero Davola 100% ● Cantena Russo ● Italian (Sicily) <Sicily> Wine making from literature in the 7th century BC It is the oldest wine region in Italy where you can see the history of Sicily.

<< Vecchia Cantina Chianti >> Sweet and fresh fruit and a smooth mouth.It goes well with roasted chicken and pork.
● Red wine / Slightly heavy ● DOC ● 750ml ● 13 degrees ● Grape varieties: Sangiovese etc. ● Vecchia Cantina ● Made in Italy (Tuscany)
With a history of 2500 years of viticulture, Red uses Sangiovese and its variants to produce great wines, including Chianti.

《Est Est Est di Montefiascone》 ● White wine / dry ● DOC ● 750ml ● 12.5 degrees ● Grape varieties: Trebbiano etc. ● Montefiascone ● Made in Italy (Lazio)
<Lazio> The Tyrrhenian Sea is to the west, and more than half of the state is hilly.Due to the volcanic ash soil, it is a region with a lot of refreshing wine.

《Corvina Torre del Falasco》 ● Red wine / Slightly heavy ● IGT ● 750ml ● 13 degrees ● Grape varieties: Corvina etc. ● Valpanthena ● Made in Italy (Veneto)
<Vineto> Surrounded by mountainous areas in the north and the Adriatic Sea and abundant nature in the south, it is a production center that competes for the top production of Italian wine.

《Cantine Pirovano Collezione Primitivo》 ● Red wine / Slightly heavy ● IGT ● 750ml ● 14 degrees ● Grape varieties: Primitivo ● Cantine Pirovano ● Made in Italy (Apulia)
<Apulia> Located in the southeastern part of the country, the quality has been remarkably improved by modernizing brewing technology.

《Passione Natura Assolute Montepulciano》 ● Red wine / Slightly heavy ● DOC ● 750ml ● 13 degrees ● Grape varieties: Montepulciano ● Passione Natura ● Made in Italy (Abruzzo)
<Abruzzo> It has the 5th largest production in all Italian states, and the red wine "Montepulciano d'Abruzzo" is famous.