[AR] Auvil Farm Large Specially Selected Rainier Cherry [1kg/2kg/4kg]

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★We deliver GEE WHIZ brand Rainier cherries from Auvil Farm❣

Auvil Farm's GEE WHIZ brand Rainier cherries, which were established in 1928 by Mr. Grady Auvil, who is known as a cherry pioneer and leader in Washington state, are unrivaled in their high sugar content and grain size. I won't allow it.

· Application deadline:Around 6 The deadline may be earlier.
· Estimated delivery period: Early July to mid-July. We cannot accept specific delivery dates.
· Messages, greetings, etc. cannot be attached.

Please note
1. Due to the nature of the product, as it is a harvested product, we do not accept requests for delivery dates.
2. Delivery times may differ for Bing breeds and Rainier breeds.
3. Rainier seeds are very delicate, so they may turn a little brown when they arrive, but this does not affect the quality.
4. In the case of forwarding or resending due to incorrect delivery address, unknown address, long-term absence, relocation, etc., the client may be required to bear the costs. 
5. If the same product is delivered to different addresses, the delivery date may differ.
6. If you order products of different sizes to the same delivery address, the delivery date may differ.
7. To ensure freshness, we cannot deliver to remote islands.
8. Please note that shipping may not be possible due to weather, crop conditions, etc.